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​Contact Details​

Mobile: 027 555 4201
phone: 0800 WAIRUA (924782)
email: info@whanganuiriverboat.co.nz

About the Vessel

Built at Poplar London UK by Yarrow & Company Wairua (Spirit) joined the famous Hatrick & Co Whanganui River Steamer fleet in November 1904 and was a pioneer of river travel above Pipiriki.

Wairua has a unique form of propulsion that is known as tunnel drive or raised propeller boat. That is the propeller is located in a tunnel above the bottom of the vessel and the water is drawn up into this and then thrust out of the stern past the vessels rudders. Avery early fore runner of today’s jet boats. This enabled Wairua to work in very shallow water.

Wairua was one of the vessels most used to carry settlers and supplies to the Mangapurua Landing, gate way to the famed Bridge to Nowhere settlement.

We call the vessel Mr Hatrick's Motor Vessel Wairua because Wairua is the only vessel operating on the Whanganui River that was actually built for Alexander Hatrick founder of the Riverboat Service.

Now faithfully restored to first class condition M.V.Wairua offers Day Picnic Trips to Hipango Park, Cruises to Upokongaro and Personalised Cruises for all occasions.


Scheduled Cruises

Cruise Schedule-January 2012
The vessel is available for group bookings at any time for 2hr river cruises. (Minimum booking 6 Adults) So if you have groups who want to go out for a cruise on the beautiful Whanganui River please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 924 782.

Bookings: available at I-Site or by phoning 0800 924 782 - or at the vessel on the day.
Depart:Hatricks Wharf Taupo Quay, opposite Moutoa Gardens

Duration: 2hrs
Cost: Adults $36, Children (5 to 15 years) $10, Under 5 no charge.
Includes complementary Tea & Coffee.

Group bookings are also available for picnic cruises to HIPANGO PARK. What better way to celebrate a special event than by taking a day long river cruise to Hipango Park, some 26 k up river from Wanganui. Prices are:- 
Adults.$45. Children (5 to 15 years) $10. Under 5 no charge.
For further information on Hipango Park Trips give us a call on 0800 924 782.

This is a new option for those who want a short cruise and to have a BBQ meal with their own catering. We cruise up to Upokongaro Landing where there is a picnic area with tables etc. WE supply a portable BBQ and you organise your own meal. Price Adults $36. MInimum booking 10 Adults. For further information on this cruise Phone 0800 924 782.  This cruise can also be organised to Hipango Park. 



Whanganui Riverboat Services

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